James 1:3

Knowing (ginwskonte). Present active participle of ginwskw (experimental knowledge, the only way of getting this view of "trials" as "all joy"). The proof (to dokimion). Now known (Deissmann, Bible Studies, pp. 259ff.) from the papyri examples of dokimio as an adjective in the same sense (good gold, standard gold) as dokimo proved or tested ( James 1:12 ). The use of to dokimion (neuter article with neuter single adjective) here and in 1 Peter 1:7 , clearly means "the genuine element in your faith," not "crucible" nor "proving." Your faith like gold stands the test of fire and is approved as standard. James here, as in verse 1 Peter 6 ; 1 Peter 2:1 ; 1 Peter 5:15 , regards faith (pisti) like Paul "as the very foundation of religion" (Mayor). Worketh (katergazetai). Present (durative) middle indicative of the compound verb with the perfective sense of kata as in Philippians 2:12 , which see. Patience (upomonhn). Old and common word for remaining under (upomenw), "staying power" (Ropes), as in Colossians 1:11 .