James 2:16

And one of you say unto them (eiph de ti autoi ex umwn). Third-class condition again continued from verse Luke 15 with second aorist active subjunctive eiph. Go in peace (upagete en eirhnh). Present active imperative of upagw. Common Jewish farewell ( Judges 18:6 ; 1 Samuel 1:17 ; 1 Samuel 20:42 ; 2 Samuel 15:9 ). Used by Jesus ( Mark 5:34 ; Luke 7:50 ). Be ye warmed and filled (qermainesqe kai cortazesqe). Present imperative either middle (direct) or passive. We have qermainomai as a direct middle in John 18:18 (were warming themselves) and that makes good sense here: "Warm yourselves." Cortazw was originally used for pasturing cattle, but came to be used of men also as here. "Feed yourselves" (if middle, as is likely). Instead of warm clothes and satisfying food they get only empty words to look out for themselves. And yet ye give not (mh dwte de). Third-class condition with de (and yet) and mh and the second aorist active subjunctive of didwmi, to give, cold deeds with warm words. The things needful to the body (ta epithdeia tou swmato). "The necessities of the body" (the necessaries of life). Old adjective from adverb epithde (enough), only here in N.T. What doth it profit? (ti opelo;). As in verse John 14 and here the conclusion (apodosis) of the long condition begun in verse John 15 .