James 2:15

If a brother or sister be naked (ean adelpo h adelph gumnoi uparcwsin). Condition again of third class (supposable case) with ean and present active subjunctive of uparcw, to exist, in the plural though h (or) is used and not kai (and). Hence gumnoi is masculine plural in the predicate nominative. It does not here mean absolutely naked, but without sufficient clothing as in Matthew 25:36 ; John 21:7 ; Acts 19:16 . In lack of daily food (leipomenoi th ephmerou troph). Present passive participle of leipw and ablative case troph like leipetai sopia ( Acts 1:5 ). The old adjective ephmero (o epi hmeran wn, that which is for a day) occurs here only in the N.T., though ephmeria (daily routine) is found in Luke 1:5 Luke 1:8 . This phrase occurs in Diodorus, but not in LXX.