James 3:15

This wisdom (auth h sopia). All talk and disproved by the life, counterfeit wisdom, not real wisdom ( Romans 1:5 ; Romans 3:17 ). Coming down from above (katercomenh anwqen). As in Romans 1:5 Romans 1:17 . All true wisdom comes from God. Earthly (epigeio). Old adjective, on earth (epi, gh), as in John 3:12 , then with earthly limitations ( Philippians 3:19 ), as here. Sensual (psucikh). Old adjective, belonging to the psuch, the sensuous or animal life ( 1 Corinthians 2:14 and here). Devilish (daimoniwdh). Late adjective from daimonion (demon) and so demoniacal or demon-like, here only in N.T.