James 4:12

One only (ei). No "only" in the Greek, but ei here excludes all others but God. The lawgiver (o nomoqeth). Old compound (from nomo, tiqhmi), only here in N.T. In Psalms 9:20 . Cf. nomoqetew in Hebrews 7:11 ; Hebrews 8:6 . To save (swsai, first aorist active infinitive of swzw) and to destroy (kai apolesai, first aorist active infinitive of apollumi to destroy). Cf. the picture of God's power in Matthew 10:28 , a common idea in the O.T. ( Deuteronomy 32:39 ; 1 Samuel 2:16 ; 2 Kings 5:7 ). But who art thou? (su de ti ei;). Proleptic and emphatic position of su (thou) in this rhetorical question as in Romans 9:20 ; Romans 14:4 . Thy neighbour (ton plhsion). "The neighbour" as in James 2:8 .