James 4:8

Draw nigh to God (eggisate twi qewi). First aorist active imperative of eggizw, late verb from eggu (near) as in Matthew 3:2 . With dative case again of personal relation. The priests in the sanctuary drew nigh to God ( Exodus 19:22 ), as we should now. Cleanse your hands (kaqarisate ceira). First aorist active imperative of kaqarizw, to cleanse, from dirt in a ritual sense ( Exodus 30:19-21 ; Mark 7:3 Mark 7:19 ). Here it is figurative, as in Ho 1:16; Psalms 24:4 . If we always had clean (from sin) hands and hearts? Ye sinners (amartwloi). A sharp term to strike the conscience, "a reproach meant to startle and sting" (Ropes). Purify your hearts (agnisate kardia). First aorist active imperative of agnizw, old verb from agno ( James 3:17 ), ceremonially ( Acts 21:24 Acts 21:26 ), but here morally as in 1 Peter 1:22 ; 1 John 3:3 . Anarthrous use of kardia as of ceira (wash hands, purify hearts). Ye double-minded (dipsucoi). As in James 1:8 .