James 4:7

Be subject therefore unto God (upotaghte oun twi qewi). Second aorist (ingressive) passive imperative of upotassw, old verb, to range under (military term also). Same form in 1 Peter 2:23 ; 1 Peter 5:5 . With the dative case qewi (unto God). The aorist has the note of urgency in the imperative. Note the ten aorist imperatives in verses 1 Peter 7-10 (upotaghte, antisthte, eggisate, kaqarisate, agnisate, talaipwrhsate, penqhsate, klausate, metatraphtw, tapeinwqhte). But resist the devil (antisthte de twi diabolwi). Second aorist (ingressive) active (intransitive) imperative of anqisthmi, "take a stand against." Dative case diabolwi. Result of such a stand is that the devil will flee (peuxetai, future middle of peugw). See 1 Peter 5:8 ; Ephesians 6:11 ; Luke 10:17 .