James 5:17

Of like passions with us (omoiopaqh hmin). Associative-instrumental case hmin as with omoio. This old compound adjective (omoio, pascw), suffering the like with another, in N.T. only here and Acts 14:15 . He prayed fervently (proseuch proshuxato). First aorist middle indicative of proseucomai and the instrumental case proseuch (cognate substantive), after idiom for intensity in classical Greek, like peugein pugh, to flee with all speed (figura etymologica), but particularly frequent in the LXX ( Genesis 2:17 ; Genesis 31:30 ) in imitation of the Hebrew infinitive absolute. So Luke 22:15 ; John 3:29 ; Acts 4:17 . That it might not rain (tou mh brexai). Genitive of the articular infinitive (brexai, first aorist active of brecw, old verb, to moisten, Luke 7:38 , to rain, Matthew 5:45 ) with negative mh used either for direct purpose, for an object clause as here and Acts 3:12 ; Acts 15:20 , or even for result. For three years and six months (eniautou trei kai mhna ex). Accusative of extent of time.