James 5:19

If any one among you do err (ean ti en umin planhqh). Third-class condition (supposed case) with ean and the first aorist passive subjunctive of planaw, old verb, to go astray, to wander ( Matthew 18:12 ), figuratively ( Hebrews 5:2 ). From the truth (apo th alhqeia). For truth see Hebrews 1:18 ; Hebrews 3:14 ; John 8:32 ; 1 John 1:6 ; 1 John 3:18 . It was easy then, and is now, to be led astray from Christ, who is the Truth. And one convert him (kai epistrepsh ti auton). Continuation of the third-class condition with the first aorist active subjunctive of epistrepw, old verb, to turn (transitive here as in Luke 1:16 , but intransitive often as Acts 9:35 ).