James 5:5

Ye have lived delicately (etruphsate). First aorist (constative, summary) active indicative of trupaw, old verb from truph (luxurious living as in Luke 7:25 , from qruptw, to break down, to enervate), to lead a soft life, only here in N.T. Taken your pleasure (espatalhsate). First aorist (constative) active indicative of spatalaw, late and rare verb to live voluptuously or wantonly (from spatalh, riotous living, wantonness, once as bracelet), in N.T. only here and 1 Timothy 5:6 . Ye have nourished (eqrepsate). First aorist (constative) active indicative of trepw, old verb, to feed, to fatten ( Matthew 6:26 ). They are fattening themselves like sheep or oxen all unconscious of "the day of slaughter" (en hmerai spagh, definite without the article) ahead of them. For this use of spagh see Romans 8:36 (probata spagh, sheep for the slaughter, spagh from spazw, to slay), consummate sarcasm on the folly of sinful rich people.