John 1:20

And he confessed (kai wmologhsen). The continued paratactic use of kai (and) and the first aorist active indicative of omologew, old verb from omologo (omon, legw, to say the same thing), to confess, in the Synoptics ( Matthew 10:32 ) as here. And denied not (kai ouk hrnhsato). Negative statement of same thing in Johannine fashion, first aorist middle indicative of arneomai, another Synoptic and Pauline word ( Matthew 10:33 ; 2 Timothy 2:12 ). He did not contradict or refuse to say who he was. And he confessed (kai wmologhsen). Thoroughly Johannine again in the paratactic repetition. I am not the Christ (Egw ouk eimi o Cristo). Direct quotation again with recitative oti before it like our modern quotation marks. "I am not the Messiah," he means by o Cristo (the Anointed One). Evidently it was not a new question as Luke had already shown ( Luke 3:15 ).

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