John 1:22

They said therefore (eipan oun). Second aorist active indicative of defective verb eipon with a instead of usual o. Note oun, inferential here as in verse Matthew 21 though often merely transitional in John. Who art thou? (Ti ei;). Same question as at first (verse Matthew 19 ), but briefer. That we give answer (ina apokrisin dwmen). Final use of ina with second aorist active subjunctive of didwmi with apokrisin from apokrinomai, above, old substantive as in Luke 2:47 . To those that sent (toi pempsasin). Dative case plural of the articular participle first aorist active of pempw. What sayest thou of thyself? (Ti legei peri seautou;). This time they opened wide the door without giving any hint at all.