John 1:6

There came a man (egeneto anqrwpo). Definite event in the long darkness, same verb in verse John 3 . Sent (apestalmeno). Perfect passive participle of apostellw, to send. From God (para qeou). From the side of (para) God (ablative case qeou). Whose name (onoma autwi). "Name to him," nominative parenthetic and dative (Robertson, Grammar, p. 460). John (Iwanh). One n in Westcott and Hort. In the giving of the name see Luke 1:59-63 , Hellenized form of Jonathan, Joanan (Gift of God), used always of the Baptist in this Gospel which never mentions the name of John son of Zebedee (the sons of Zebedee once, Luke 21:2 ).