John 10:15

And I know the Father (kagw ginwskw ton patera). Hence he is qualified to reveal the Father ( 1 Peter 1:18 ). The comparison of the mutually reciprocal knowledge between the Father and the Son illustrates what he has just said, though it stands above all else ( Matthew 11:27 ; Luke 10:22 ; John 17:21-26 ). We cannot claim such perfect knowledge of the Good Shepherd as exists between the Father and the Son and yet the real sheep do know the Shepherd's voice and do love to follow his leadership here and now in spite of thieves, robbers, wolves, hirelings. And I lay down my life for the sheep (kai thn psuchn mou tiqhmi uper twn probatwn). This he had said in verse John 11 , but he repeats it now for clearness. This he does not just as an example for the sheep and for under-shepherds, but primarily to save the sheep from the wolves, the thieves and robbers.

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