John 10:38

But if I do (ei de poiw). Condition again of the first class, assumed as true, but with the opposite results. Though ye believe not me (kan emoi mh pisteuhte). Condition now of third class, undetermined (but with prospect), "Even if you keep on (present active subjunctive of pisteuo) not believing me." Believe the works (toi ergoi pisteuete). These stand irrefutable. The claims, character, words, and works of Jesus challenge the world today as then. That ye may know and understand (ina gnwte kai ginwskhte). Purpose clause with ina and the same verb ginwskw repeated in different tenses (first gnwte, the second ingressive aorist active subjunctive, that ye may come to know; then the present active subjunctive, "that ye may keep on knowing"). This is Christ's deepest wish about his enemies who stand with stones in their uplifted hands to fling at him. That the Father is in me, and I in the Father (oti en emoi o pathr kagw en twi patri). Thus he repeats (verse Hebrews 30 ) sharply his real claim to oneness with the Father as his Son, to actual deity. It was a hopeless wish.

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