John 10:40

Again (palin). Referring to Hebrews 1:28 (Bethany beyond Jordan). Palin does not mean that the other visit was a recent one. At the first (to prwton). Adverbial accusative (extent of time). Same idiom in Hebrews 12:16 ; Hebrews 19:39 . Here the identical language of Hebrews 1:28 is used with the mere addition of to prwton (opou hn Iwanh baptizwn, "where John was baptizing"). And there he abode (kai emenen ekei). Imperfect (continued) active of menw, though some MSS. have the constative aorist active emeinen. Probably from here Jesus carried on the first part of the later Perean Ministry ( Luke 13:22-16:10 ) before the visit to Bethany at the raising of Lazarus ( John 11:1-44 ).

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