John 11:1

Was sick (hn asqenwn). Periphrastic imperfect active of asqenew, old verb (from asqenh, a privative, and sqeno, strength). Lazarus (Lazaro). See on "Lu 16:20" for the name of another man in the parable, a shortened form of Eleazer, only other N.T. use, but in Josephus and rabbinical writings. No connexion between this Lazarus and the one in the parable. Of Bethany (apo Bhqania). Use of apo as in John 1:44 Philip of Bethsaida and John 1:45 Joseph of Nazareth. This Bethany is about two miles ( John 11:18 ) east of Jerusalem on the south-east slope of Olivet and is now called El Azariyeh, from the name Lazarus. Jesus is still apparently at the other Bethany beyond Jordan ( John 10:40 ). It is doubtful if a distinction is meant here by apo and ek between Bethany as the residence and some other village (ek th kwmh) as the birthplace of Lazarus and the sisters. Of Mary and Martha (Maria kai Marqa). Note Marqa, not Marqh for the genitive. Elsewhere ( John 11:19 ; Luke 10:38 ) Martha comes first as the mistress and hostess. The two sisters are named for further identification of Lazarus. Martha was apparently the elder sister ( Luke 11:5 Luke 11:19 ; Luke 10:38 ). "The identification of Mary with Mary Magdalene is a mere conjecture supported by no direct evidence, and opposed to the general tenor of the Gospels" (Westcott).

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