John 11:22

And even now I know (kai nun oida). Rather just, "Even now I know." Alla (but) of the Textus Receptus is not genuine. Whatsoever thou shalt ask of God (osa an aithsh ton qeon). Indefinite relative (osa, as many things as) with an and the first aorist middle (indirect middle, thou thyself asking) subjunctive of aitew. Martha uses aitew (usual word of prayer of men to God) rather than erwtaw (usual word of Jesus praying to the Father), but in Luke 16:23 we have erwtaw used of prayer to Jesus and aitew of prayer to God. But the distinction is not to be pressed. "As many things as thou dost ask of God." God will give (dwsei soi o qeo). Repetition of o qeo for emphasis. Martha still has courageous faith in the power of God through Jesus and Jesus in verse Luke 41 says practically what she has said here.

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