John 11:27

Yea, Lord (Nai, kurie). Martha probably did not understand all that Jesus said and meant, but she did believe in the future resurrection, in eternal life for believers in Christ, in the power of Christ to raise even the dead here and now. She had heroic faith and makes now her own confession of faith in words that outrank those of Peter in Matthew 16:16 because she makes hers with her brother dead now four days and with the hope that Jesus will raise him up now. I have believed (pepisteuka). Perfect active indicative of pisteuw. It is my settled and firm faith. Peter uses this same tense in Matthew 6:69 . That thou art the Son of God (oti su ei o Cristo o uio tou qeou). The Messiah or the Christ ( Matthew 1:41 ) was to be also "the Son of God" as the Baptist said he had found Jesus to be ( Matthew 1:34 ), as Peter confessed on Hermon for the apostles ( Matthew 16:16 ), as Jesus claimed to be ( John 11:41 ) and confessed on oath before Caiaphas that he was ( Matthew 26:63 ), and as John stated that it was his purpose to prove in his Gospel ( 20:31 ). But no one said it under more trying circumstances than Martha. Even he that cometh into the world (o ei ton kosmon ercomeno). No "even" in the Greek. This was a popular way of putting the people's expectation ( 6:14 ; Matthew 11:3 ). Jesus himself spoke of his coming into the world ( 9:39 ; 16:28 ; 8:37 ).

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