John 11:35

Jesus wept (edakrusen o Ihsou). Ingressive first aorist active indicative of dakruw, old verb from dakru or dakruon, a tear ( Acts 20:19 ), only here in N.T. It never means to wail, as klaiw sometimes does. "Jesus burst into tears." Klaiw is used of Jesus in Luke 19:41 . See Hebrews 5:7 "with strong crying and tears" (meta kraugh kai dakruwn). Apparently this was as Jesus started towards (see verse Hebrews 38 ) the tomb. In a sense it was a reaction from the severe strain in verse Hebrews 33 , but chiefly it was the sheer human sympathy of his heart with Martha and Mary touched with the feeling of our common weakness ( Hebrews 4:15 ). Often all that we can do is to shed tears in grief too deep for words. Jesus understood and understands. This is the shortest verse in the Bible, but no verse carries more meaning in it.

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