John 11:37

Could not this man (ouk edunato outo). Imperfect middle of dunamai. They do not say dunatai (can, present middle indicative). But clearly the opening of the blind man's eyes (chapter 9) had made a lasting impression on some of these Jews, for it was done three months ago. Have caused that this man also should not die (poihsai ina kai outo mh apoqanh). First aorist active infinitive of poiew with ina, like the Latin facere ut (sub-final use, Robertson, Grammar, p. 985), with the second aorist active subjunctive apoqanh and negative mh. These Jews share the view expressed by Martha (verse Hebrews 21 ) and Mary (verse Hebrews 32 ) that Jesus could have prevented the death of Lazarus.

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