John 11:57

The chief priests and the Pharisees (oi arcierei kai oi Parisaioi). The Sanhedrin. Had given commandment (dedwkeisan entola). Past perfect active of didwmi. That he should shew it (ina mhnush). Sub-final ina with first aorist active subjunctive of mhnuw, old verb to disclose, to report formally ( Acts 23:30 ). If any man knew (ean ti gnwi). Third-class condition with ean and second aorist active subjunctive of ginwskw. Where he was (pou estin). Indirect question with interrogative adverb and present indicative estin retained like gnwi and mhnush after the secondary tense dedwkeisan. That they might take him (opw piaswsin auton). Purpose clause with opw instead of ina and first aorist active subjunctive of piazw so often used before ( Acts 7:44 , etc.).