John 12:12

On the morrow (th epaurion). Locative case. Supply hmerai (day) after the adverb epaurion ("on the tomorrow day"). That is on our Sunday, Palm Sunday. A great multitude (o oclo polu). Same idiom rendered "the common people" in verse John 9 and should be so translated here. That had come (o elqwn). Second aorist active participle, masculine singular of ercomai agreeing with oclo, "that came." When they heard (akousante). First aorist active masculine plural participle of akouw, construction according to sense (plural, though oclo singular). Was coming (ercetai). Present middle indicative of ercomai retained in indirect discourse after a secondary tense. It is a vivid picture. What they heard was: "Jesus is coming into Jerusalem." He is defying the Sanhedrin with all their public advertisement for him.