John 12:16

Understood not (ouk egnwsan). Second aorist active indicative of ginwskw. Another comment by John concerning the failure of the disciples to know what was happening (cf. Luke 2:22 ; Luke 7:39 ). At the first (to prwton). Adverbial accusative, as in Luke 10:40 ; Luke 19:39 . Was glorified (edoxasqh). First aorist passive indicative of doxazw, to glorify, used of his death already in Luke 7:39 and by Jesus himself of his death, resurrection, and ascension in Luke 12:23 ; Luke 13:31 . Then remembered they (tote emnhsqhsan). First aorist passive indicative of mimnhskw. It was easier to understand then and they had the Holy Spirit to help them ( Luke 16:13-15 ). Were written of him (hn ep autwi gegrammena). Periphrastic past perfect passive of grapw with neuter plural participle agreeing with tauta (these things) and singular verb, though the plural hsan could have been used. Note the threefold repetition of tauta in this verse, "clumsy" Bernard calls it, but making for clarity. The use of ep autwi for "of him" rather than peri autou is unusual, but occurs in Revelation 10:11 ; Revelation 22:16 . They had done (epoihsan). First aorist active indicative of poiew, simply, "they did."