John 12:23

The hour is come (elhluqen h wra). The predestined hour, seen from the start ( Ephesians 2:4 ), mentioned by John ( Ephesians 7:30 ; Ephesians 8:20 ) as not yet come and later as known by Jesus as come ( Ephesians 13:1 ), twice again used by Jesus as already come (in the prayer of Jesus, Ephesians 17:1 ; Mark 14:41 , just before the betrayal in the Garden). The request from the Greeks for this interview stirs the heart of Jesus to its depths. That the Son of man should be glorified (ina doxasqh o uio tou anqrwpou). Purpose clause with ina (not in the sense of ote, when) and the first aorist passive subjunctive of doxazw, same sense as in Mark 12:16, 13:31 Mark 13:31 . The Cross must come before Greeks can really come to Jesus with understanding. But this request shows that interest in Jesus now extends beyond the Jewish circles.

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