John 12:25

Loseth it (apolluei authn). The second paradox. Present active indicative of apolluw. This great saying was spoken at various times as in Mark 8:35 ( Matthew 16:25 ; Luke 9:24 ) and Mark 10:39 ( Luke 17:33 ). See those passages for discussion of psuch (life or soul). For "he that hateth his life" (o miswn thn psuchn autou) see the sharp contrasts in Luke Luke 14:26-35 where misew is used of father, mother, wife, children, brothers, sisters, as well as one's own life. Clearly misew means "hate" when the issue is between Christ and the dearest things of life as happens when the choice is between martyrdom and apostasy. In that case one keeps his soul for eternal life by losing his life (psuch, each time) here. That is the way to "guard" (pulaxei) life by being true to Christ. This is the second paradox to show Christ's philosophy of life.