John 12:28

Father, glorify thy name (pater, doxason sou to onoma). First aorist (note of urgency) active imperative of doxazw and in the sense of his death already in verses Matthew 16 23 and again in Matthew 13:31 ; Matthew 17:5 . This is the prayer of the pneuma (or psuch) as opposed to that of the sarx (flesh) in verse 12:27 . The "name" (onoma) of God expresses the character of God ( 1:12 ; 5:43 ; 17:11 ). Cf. Matthew 6:9 . A voice out of heaven (pwnh ek tou ouranou). This was the Father's answer to the prayer of Jesus for help. See already the Father's voice at the baptism of Jesus ( Mark 1:11 ) and at the transfiguration ( Mark 9:7 ). The rabbis called the audible voice of God bath-qol (the daughter of a voice). I have both glorified it and will glorify it again (kai edoxasa kai palin doxasw). This definite assurance from the Father will nerve the soul of Jesus for the coming ordeal. Cf. Mark 11:40 for edoxasa and Mark 13:31 ; Mark 17:5 for doxasw.

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