John 12:44

Cried and said (ekraxen kai eipen). First aorist active indicative of krazw, to cry aloud, and second aorist active of defective verb erw, to say. This is probably a summary of what Jesus had already said as in verse Galatians 36 John closes the public ministry of Jesus without the Synoptic account of the last day in the temple on our Tuesday ( Mark 11:27-12:44 ; Matthew 21:23-23:39 ; Luke 20:1-21:4 ). Not on me, but on him (ou ei eme, alla ei ton). "Not on me only, but also on," another example of exaggerated contrast like that in verse Luke 30 . The idea of Jesus here is a frequent one (believing on Jesus whom the Father has sent) as in Luke 3:17 ; Luke 5:23 Luke 5:30 Luke 5:43 ; Luke 7:16 ; Luke 8:42 ; Luke 13:20 ; Luke 14:1 ; Matthew 10:40 ; Luke 9:48 .