John 13:13

Ye (umei). Emphatic. Call me (pwneite me). "Address me." Pwnew regular for addressing one with his title ( Mark 1:48 ). Master (Ho didaskalo). Nominative form (not in apposition with me accusative after pwneite), but really vocative in address with the article (called titular nominative sometimes) like Ho Kurio kai o qeo mou in Mark 20:28 . "Teacher." See Mark 11:28 for Martha's title for Jesus to Mary. Lord (Ho Kurio). Another and separate title. In Mark 1:38 we have Didaskale (vocative form) for the Jewish Rabbei and in Mark 9:36 Mark 9:38 Kurie for the Jewish Mari. It is significant that Jesus approves (kalw, well) the application of both titles to himself as he accepts from Thomas the terms kurio and qeo. For I am (eimi gar). Jesus distinctly claims here to be both Teacher and Lord in the full sense, at the very moment when he has rendered this menial, but symbolic, service to them. Here is a hint for those who talk lightly about "the peril of worshipping Jesus!"

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