John 13:23

Was at the table reclining in Jesus' bosom (hn anakeimeno en twi kolpwi tou Ihsou). No word for "table" in the text. Periphrastic imperfect of anakeimai, to lie back, to recline. Kolpo usual word for bosom ( John 1:18 ). Whom Jesus loved (on hgapa Ihsou). Imperfect active of agapaw, John's description of himself of which he was proud ( John 19:26 ; John 20:2 ; John 21:7 John 21:20 ), identified in John 21:24 as the author of the book and necessarily one of the twelve because of the "explicit" (Bernard) language of Mark ( Mark 14:17 ; Luke 22:14 ). John son of Zebedee and brother of James. At the table John was on the right of Jesus lying obliquely so that his head lay on the bosom of Jesus. The centre, the place of honour, Jesus occupied. The next place in rank was to the left of Jesus, held by Peter (Westcott) or by Judas (Bernard) which one doubts.

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