John 13:26

He (ekeino). Emphatic pronoun again. For whom I shall dip the sop (wi egw bapsw to pswmion). Dative case of the relative (wi) and future active of baptw, to dip ( Luke 16:24 ). Pswmion is a diminutive of pswmo, a morsel, a common Koin word (in the papyri often), in N.T. only in this passage. It was and is in the orient a token of intimacy to allow a guest to dip his bread in the common dish (cf. Ruth 2:14 ). So Mark 14:20 . Even Judas had asked: "Is it I?" ( Mark 14:19 ; Matthew 26:22 ). Giveth it to Judas (didwsin Ioudai). Unobserved by the others in spite of Christ's express language, because "it was so usual a courtesy" (Bernard), "the last appeal to Judas' better feeling" (Dods). Judas now knew that Jesus knew his plot.