John 13:29

Some thought (tine edokoun). Imperfect active of dokew. Mere inference in their ignorance. The bag (to glwssokomon). See on Luke 12:6 for this word. What things we have need of (wn creian ecomen). Antecedent (tauta) of the relative (on) not expressed. For the feast (ei thn eorthn). The feast of unleavened bread beginning after the passover meal and lasting eight days. If this was twenty-four hours ahead of the passover meal, there was no hurry for next day would be in ample time. Or that he should give something to the poor (h toi ptwcoi ina ti dwi). Another alternative in their speculation on the point. Note prolepsis of toi ptwcoi (dative case) before ina dwi (final clause with ina and second aorist active subjunctive of didwmi).