John 13:34

New (kainhn). First, in contrast with the old (arcaio, palaio), the very adjective used in 1 John 2:7 ) of the "commandment" (entolhn) at once called old (palaia). They had had it a long time, but the practice of it was new. Jesus does not hesitate, like the Father, to give commandments ( 1 John 15:10 1 John 15:12 ). That ye love one another (ina agapate allhlou). Non-final use of ina with present active subjunctive of agapaw, the object clause being in the accusative case in apposition with entolhn. Note the present tense (linear action), "keep on loving." Even as (kaqw). The measure of our love for another is set by Christ's love for us.

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