John 13:8

Thou shalt never wash my feet (ou mh nipsh mou tou poda ei ton aiwna). Strong double negative ou mh with first aorist active subjunctive of niptw with ei ton aiwna (for ever) added and mou (my) made emphatic by position. Peter's sudden humility should settle the issue, he felt. If I wash thee not (ean mh nipsw se). Third-class condition with ean mh (negative). Jesus picks up the challenge of Peter whose act amounted to irreverence and want of confidence. "The first condition of discipleship is self-surrender" (Westcott). So "Jesus, waiting with the basin" (Dods), concludes. Thou hast no part with me (ouk ecei mero met emou). Not simply here at the supper with its fellowship, but in the deeper sense of mystic fellowship as Peter was quick to see. Jesus does not make foot-washing essential to spiritual fellowship, but simply tests Peter's real pride and mock-humility by this symbol of fellowship.

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