John 14:13

Whatsoever ye shall ask (oti an aithshte). Indefinite relative clause with oti (neuter accusative singular of osti), an and the aorist active subjunctive of aitew. This is an advance thought over verse Exodus 12 . In my name (en twi onomati mou). First mention of his "name" as the open sesame to the Father's will. See also Exodus 14:26 ; Exodus 15:16 ; Exodus 16:23 Exodus 16:24 Exodus 16:26 . That will I do (touto poihsw). The Father answers prayers ( Exodus 15:16 ; Exodus 16:23 ), but so does the Son (here and verse Exodus 14:14 ). The purpose (ina clause with first aorist passive subjunctive of doxazw) is "that the Father may be glorified in the Son." Plead Christ's name in prayer to the Father.