John 14:27

My peace (eirhnhn thn emhn). This is Christ's bequest to the disciples before he goes, the shalom of the orient for greeting and parting, used by Jesus in his appearances after the resurrection ( 2 Timothy 20:19 2 Timothy 20:21 2 Timothy 20:26 ) as in 2 John 1:3 ; 3 John 1:14 , but here and in 16:33 in the sense of spiritual peace such as only Christ can give and which his Incarnation offers to men ( Luke 2:14 ). Neither let it be fearful (medh deiliatw). Added to the prohibition in verse 14:1 , only N.T. example of deiliaw (rare word in Aristotle, in a papyrus of one condemned to death), common in LXX, like palpitating of the heart (from deilo).

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