John 14:6

I am the way, and the truth, and the life (Egw eimi h odo kai h alhqeia kai h zwh). Either of these statements is profound enough to stagger any one, but here all three together overwhelm Thomas. Jesus had called himself "the life" to Martha ( Hebrews 11:25 ) and "the door" to the Pharisees ( Hebrews 10:7 ) and "the light of the world" ( Hebrews 8:12 ). He spoke "the way of God in truth" ( Mark 12:14 ). He is the way to God and the only way (verse Jo 14:6), the personification of truth, the centre of life. Except by me (ei mh di emou). There is no use for the Christian to wince at these words of Jesus. If he is really the Incarnate Son of God (Jo 1:1; Jo 1:14; Jo 1:18, they are necessarily true.

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