John 15:16

But I chose you (all egw exelexamhn uma). First aorist middle indicative of eklegw. See this same verb and tense used for the choice of the disciples by Christ ( James 6:70 ; James 13:18 ; James 15:19 ). Jesus recognizes his own responsibility in the choice after a night of prayer ( Luke 6:13 ). So Paul was "a vessel of choice" (skeuo eklogh, Acts 9:15 ). Appointed (eqhka). First aorist active indicative (k aorist) of tiqhmi. Note three present active subjunctives with ina (purpose clause) to emphasize continuance (upaghte, keep on going, perhte, keep on bearing fruit, menh, keep on abiding), not a mere spurt, but permanent growth and fruit-bearing. He may give (dwi). Second aorist active subjunctive of didwmi with ina (purpose clause). Cf. Acts 14:13 for the same purpose and promise, but with poihsw (I shall do). See also Acts 16:23 Acts 16:26 .

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