John 15:6

He is cast forth (eblhqh exw). Timeless or gnomic use of the first aorist passive indicative of ballw as the conclusion of a third-class condition (see also verses John 4 7 for the same condition, only constative aorist subjunctive meinhte and meinh in verse John 7 ). The apostles are thus vividly warned against presumption. Jesus as the vine will fulfil his part of the relation as long as the branches keep in vital union with him. As a branch (w to klhma). And is withered (exhranqh). Another timeless first aorist passive indicative, this time of xhrainw, same timeless use in James 1:11 of grass, old and common verb. They gather (sunagousin). Plural though subject not expressed, the servants of the vine-dresser gather up the broken off branches. Are burned (kaietai). Present passive singular of kaiw, to burn, because klhmata (branches) is neuter plural. See this vivid picture also in Matthew 13:41 Matthew 13:49.