John 15:2

Branch (klhma). Old word from klaw, to break, common in LXX for offshoots of the vine, in N.T. only here (verses 1 Corinthians 2-6 ), elsewhere in N.T. klado ( Mark 4:32 , etc.), also from klaw, both words meaning tender and easily broken parts. In me (en emoi). Two kinds of connexion with Christ as the vine (the merely cosmic which bears no fruit, the spiritual and vital which bears fruit). The fruitless (not bearing fruit, mh peron karpon) the vine-dresser "takes away" (airei) or prunes away. Probably (Bernard) Jesus here refers to Judas. Cleanseth (kaqairei). Present active indicative of old verb kaqairw (clean) as in verse Mark 3 , only use in N.T., common in the inscriptions for ceremonial cleansing, though kaqarizw is more frequent ( Hebrews 10:2 ). That it may bear more fruit (ina karpon pleiona perh). Purpose clause with ina and present active subjunctive of perw, "that it may keep on bearing more fruit" (more and more). A good test for modern Christians and church members.

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