John 16:7

It is expedient for you (sumperei umin). Present active indicative of sumperw, old verb to bear together. See Acts 11:50 where the phrase is used by Caiaphas "for us," here "for you" (umin ethical dative). That I go away (ina egw apelqw). Subject clause the subject of sumperei, ina and second aorist active subjunctive of apercomai. The reason (gar) for this startling statement follows. If I go not away (ean mh apelqw). Third-class condition with ean and the negative mh with apelqw as before. Will not come (ou mh elqh). Strong double negative with second aorist active subjunctive of ercomai. The Holy Spirit was, of course, already at work in the hearts of men, but not in the sense of witnessing as Paraclete which could only take place after Jesus had gone back to the Father. But if I go (ean de poreuqw). Third-class condition again (ean and the first aorist passive subjunctive of poreuomai). I will send (pempsw). First person future as in Acts 15 .

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