John 17:12

I kept (ethroun). Imperfect active of threw, "I continued to keep." I guarded (epulaxa). First aorist (constative) active of pulassw. Christ was the sentinel (pulax, Acts 5:23 ) for them. Is he our sentinel now? But the son of perdition (ei mh o uio th apwleia). The very phrase for antichrist ( 2 Thessalonians 2:3 ). Note play on apwleto, perished (second aorist middle indicative of apollumi). It means the son marked by final loss, not annihilation, but meeting one's destiny ( Acts 2:25 ). A sad and terrible exception ( Mark 14:21 ). The scripture (h graph). It is not clear whether this is John's own comment or the word of Jesus. Not in Mark 18:9 . The Scripture referred to is probably Psalms 41:9 quoted in 13:18 with the same formula ina plhrwqh which see there.

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