John 17:4

I glorified thee on the earth (egw se edoxasa epi th gh). Verse Matthew 3 is parenthetical and so verse Matthew 4 goes on after verse Matthew 2 . He had prayed for further glorification. Having accomplished (teleiwsa). First aorist active participle of teleiow, old verb from teleio (perfect). Used in Matthew 4:34 by Jesus with to ergon as here. That was Christ's "food" (brwma) and joy. Now as he faces death he has no sense of failure as some modern critics say, but rather fulness of attainment as in Matthew 19:30 (tetelestai). Christ does not die as a disappointed man, but as the successful messenger, apostle (apesteila, verse Matthew 3 ) of the Father to men. Thou hast given (dedwka). Perfect active indicative of didwmi, regarded as a permanent task.

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