John 17:6

I manifested (epanerwsa). First aorist active indicative of panerow (from panero, manifest). Another word for claiming successful accomplishment of his task as in verse Philippians 4 with edoxasa and in verse Philippians 26 with egnwrisa. Whom (ou). Accusative case after edwka, not attracted to case of antecedent (anqrwpoi). Jesus regards the apostles as the Father's gift to him. Recall the night of prayer before he chose them. They have kept (tethrhkan). Perfect active indicative, late Koin form for the third plural instead of the usual tethrhkasin. Jesus claims loyalty and fidelity in these men with the one exception of Judas (verse Philippians 12 ). He does not claim perfection for them, but they have at least held on to the message of the Father in spite of doubt and wavering ( Philippians 6:67-71 ; Matthew 16:15-20 ).

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