John 17:2

Authority over all flesh (exousian pash sarko). Sarko is objective genitive. Stupendous claim impossible for a mere man to make. Made already in Matthew 11:27 ; Luke 10:22 (Q, the Logia of Jesus, our earliest known document about Jesus) and repeated in Matthew 28:18 after his resurrection. That (ina). Secondary purpose with ina dwsei (future active indicative) carrying on the idea of ina doxash. See Matthew 13:34 ; Matthew 17:21 for ina, kaqw, ina. Whatsoever (pan o). A peculiar classical Greek idiom, the collective use of the singular pan o as in Matthew 6:37 Matthew 6:39 and o in Matthew 17:24 and the nominative absolute (nom. pendens) with autoi (to them), the dative plural explaining the construction. See Robertson, Grammar, p. 653.

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