John 18:33

Again (palin). Back into the palace where Pilate was before. Called (epwnhsen). First aorist active indicative of pwnew. Jesus was already inside the court (verse John 28 ). Pilate now summoned him to his presence since he saw that he had to handle the case. The charge that Jesus claimed to be a king compelled him to do so ( Luke 23:2 ). Art thou the King of the Jews? (su ei o basileu twn Ioudaiwn;). This was the vital problem and each of the Gospels has the question ( Mark 15:2 ; Matthew 27:1 ; Luke 23:3 ; John 18:33 ), though Luke alone ( Luke 23:2 ) gives the specific accusation. Thou (su). Emphatic. Jesus did claim to be the spiritual king of Israel as Nathanael said ( John 1:49 ) and as the ecstatic crowd hailed him on the Triumphal Entry ( John 12:13 ), but the Sanhedrin wish Pilate to understand this in a civil sense as a rival of Caesar as some of the Jews wanted Jesus to be ( John 6:15 ) and as the Pharisees expected the Messiah to be.

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