John 18:35

Am I a Jew? (mhti egw Ioudaio eimi;). Proud and fine scorn on Pilate's part at the idea that he had a personal interest in the question. Vehement negation implied. Cf. John 4:29 for mhti in a question. The gulf between Jew and Gentile yawns wide here. Nation (eqno as in John 11:48-52 , rather than lao, while both in John 11:50 ). For paredwkan see verse John 18:30 . What hast thou done? (ti epoihsa;). First aorist active indicative of poiew. Blunt and curt question. "What didst thou do?" "What is thy real crime?" John's picture of this private interview between Pilate and Jesus is told with graphic power.