John 19:11

Thou wouldest have (ouk eice). Imperfect active indicative without an, but apodosis of second-class condition as in Luke 15:22 Luke 15:24 . Except it were given thee (ei mh hn dedomenon). Periphrastic past perfect indicative of didwmi (a permanent possession). From above (anwqen). From God (cf. Luke 3:3 ), the same doctrine of government stated by Paul in Romans 13:1 . Pilate did not get his "authority" from the Sanhedrin, but from Caesar. Jesus makes God the source of all real "authority." Hath greater sin (meizona amartian ecei). The same idiom in Romans 9:41 . Caiaphas has his authority from God also and has used Pilate for his own base end.

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