John 19:39

Nicodemus also (kai Nikodhmo). The Synoptics tell about Joseph of Arimathea, but only John adds the help that Nicodemus gave him in the burial of Jesus, these two timid disciples, Nicodemus now at last taking an open stand. At the first (to prwton). Adverbial accusative and reference to Revelation 3:1 . Mixture (migma). Late word from mignumi, to mix, only here in the N.T. Many old MSS. have here eligma (roll), from elissw ( Hebrews 1:12 ), another late word here only in N.T. It was common to use sweet-smelling spices in the burial ( 2 Chronicles 16:14 ). Pound (litra). Late word for twelve ounces, in N.T. only here and Jo 12:3. Nicodemus was a rich man and probably covered the entire body with the spices.

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