John 2:1

The third day (th hmerai th trith). "On the day the third" (locative case), from the start to Galilee when Philip was found ( Mark 1:43 ), seven days since Mark 1:19 . There was a marriage (gamo egeneto). "A wedding (or marriage festival) took place." See on Matthew 22:8 . In Cana of Galilee (en Kana th Galilaia). This town, the home of Nathanael (Jo 21:2), is only mentioned again in Jo 4:46 as the home of the nobleman. There was a Cana in Coele-Syria. It is usually located at Kefr Kenna (3 1/2 miles from Nazareth), though Ain Kana and Khirbet Kana are also possible. Bernard thinks that it was probably on Wednesday afternoon the fourth day of the week (usual day for marriage of virgins), when the party of Jesus arrived. And the mother of Jesus was there (kai hn h mhthr tou Ihsou ekei). When they arrived. John does not mention her name, probably because already well known in the Synoptics. Probably Joseph was already dead. Mary may have been kin to the family where the wedding took place, an intimate friend clearly.

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